• 10 Tools Roofing Contractors Shouldn't Take for Granted

    Number One Tool Any Roofer Should Have on the Job

    The best tool that a roofer should have is a good nail gun. While most nail guns are quick, some are definitely quicker than others. By using a coil nail versus a stick nail gun, jobs can get done quicker. They also work great with any pipe support system.

    Hammering Out the Details

    Another tool every roofer should have is a good hammer. The right size hammer can really make all the difference, especially with tough jobs. When working on a roof, it can be dangerous to go up and down a ladder just to get the necessary tools. Have a good hammer on your tool belt and it could not only save time but it can make the job safer.

    The Ladder to Success

    Of course, no roofer could do anything without a sturdy ladder. This item is often underestimated. Going up and down the same ladder can cause a lot of stress, which means it should periodically replaced.

    Nail Down Any Job

    Since roofing requires a lot of nails, a good magnetic sweeper is a must. These not only save a lot of time, they save a lot of money. Especially for the homeowner. Loose nails can be dangerous if left on the ground.

    Measure the Alternatives

    Any good roofer will tell you that they cannot do any roof without a good measuring tape. It should be at least 25 feet and very stiff. It will ensure that the tiles will be placed in the right area.

    Cut Tiles Without Fuss

    A utility knife is another must. There is no other way to cut tiles down to the proper size without one. A good, sharp blade will save time. It is vital that safety be observed while using it, though.

    Clean Old Messes

    Removing old nails, tiles and other items cannot be done correctly without a decent pry bar. It is easy to use and can remove a multitude of items. It fits in easily in a tool belt and really is priceless.

    Saw the Right Way

    A good hand saw cannot be underestimated. This is number 8 on the top ten list. It ca be used on the roof and is great for last minute cuts. Be sure to purchase a lot extension cord or buy one with a rechargeable battery.

    Perfect Seams

    The last two items are a hand seamer and seaming tongs. They are versatile and inexpensive. They are perfect for metal roofing. The better seamer you get, the faster any job will go.

    Reasons to Have the Right Tools

    Over all, these top 10 tools for roofers will help make any job easier. Placing them in a tool belt or a bucket can be sure that they do not get lost and can also make it more simple to take on and off any roof.

    Article Source: http://www.roofer911.com


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